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Oke if you know on our servers ppl with tag arent in roster ...
This is bad for us so i want to get some power to make :
1.For EVERY server will be 2 RosterGuys.[That guys will get power in forum]
2.In EVERY server will be recruiters co leader and leader cognizant of all about recruiting and about roster updating [Like where to sey who they did recruit]
3.Every1 of you will respect all.Panzernoob and next ppl too!
4.As you know River [old owner] did left bcs ppl dont respect him.This is bad for us.
5.Oke and now what i hate!Asking for admin.It is the worst 1 what i have...No1 will ask for promo.Ok guys im gonna soons promote some guys show me your best like dont asking for promo and show me how you can help me Smile.
6.Many ppl are going left Red is out.Hellboy is going left......... and next guys.This is realy bad.Why they want left?Bcs many memembers dont respect this what i did wrote...................................take a think about this plz...................... Exclamation
Hope all will be allright.BTW if you have questions ask me here or in xfire = gixzip
Hope you all understand me Arrow
Bye Zip


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