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Post by Menzu on Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:37 am

Yesterday, on 4th february, i saw rhyz and zebra and they talked with eachother and i watched and rhyz said that hes enough of TTU and he wants to leave and when he leaves, he sets zebra lvl to 7 or 8.. and i started to think:So recruiter says that he wants 1 person to replaice him and nobody says anything?? I mean that of course i dont blame no admins but i just wanna know that when rhyz leaves, he says who gonna be new recruiter??

And btw when i was in NQ server, i saw when gangster came to server then first thing rhyz did, was glowing gangster but he didnt want to... and rhyz setted zebra lvl to 8 and then 0 and 5 and maybe 6 too.. idk...


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