Recruiting rules and other rules

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Recruiting rules and other rules Empty Recruiting rules and other rules

Post by ex ttu devil on Mon Feb 04, 2008 4:18 am

Oke first the recruiting rules ...

1. they need at least 32 accuracy
2.4/1 kill death ratio no less
3.they need to be helpfull players in battle
4.not just any player that maybe is good can join they need a good attitude
5.The new recruit(when he is in) must come give a post in roster additions and updates to tell he is a new player.

thats recruiting rules ...

In the scrim team :
U don't ask for promo !
Be kind to asswell other scrim teamplayers!
when there is another scrim team don't go say that *HoS* is the best cause it will only bring more problems!
If u keep u at this *HoS* will be a good scrim team

have any problemes ?? come ask me i will help!

u heard of a guy out another scrim team his scrim team wanna scrim ? tell me and i will contact the FF of that scrim team!

i hope u all understand (sorry for type faults)

ok bye ! greetzz

ex ttu devil

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