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Welcome *HoS* mates Empty Welcome *HoS* mates

Post by ex ttu devil on Mon Feb 04, 2008 3:52 am

Hey guys as u all now i started *HoS* and for those who are in Welcome i will make an example HOW UR TAGS MUST BE !
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*FF|for ME FF of *HoS
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*O|for owner
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*CO|for co owner
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*L|for Leader
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*Cl|for co leader
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*R|for Recruiter
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*E| for ELITE member
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*Om|for offial member
|TTU|DeViL|*HoS*NR|for new recruit
ok if u see this and ur tags are not in right color change it ASAP plz
i added Co leader and ELite members

greetz !

ex ttu devil

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